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      Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Of The Face, With A Mixto Laser

      Fractional CO2 Lasers (MiXto)

      MiXto improves your skin’s appearance and slows the signs of aging through this skin rejuvenation treatment to have healthy, younger looking skin. A single treatment can show improvement in skin texture and coloring while reducing wrinkles.

      The MiXto Pro utilizes a proprietary algorithm producing a unique “Z” scan pattern which provides the longest amount of time possible between adjacent spots while filling in a given square area of skin.

      The patented pattern allows maximum intra-operative cooling of surrounding tissue lowering risk of side effects while maximizing patient comfort. The MiXto Pro is thus able to deposit more heat into tissue competing technology yet allow practitioners to safely treat all skin types.


      • Dryer procedure (less bleeding)
      • Lower risk of infection
      • Better seal off nerve endings reducing post-op pain
      • Greater collagen stimulation
      • Shorter treatment times
      • Lowest risk of side effects
      • Maximum patient comfort during treatment
      • Simplified post-care

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