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      Breast Augmentation And Gluteal Augmentation With Fat Transfers

      Breast Augmentation

      Increase fullness and improve symmetry of the breasts through breast implants or fat.


      • Increase fullness and projection of your breasts
      • Improve balance of your figure
      • Enhance self-image and self-confidence

      Fat Harvesting & Transfer (Gluteal, Breast & Facial Augmentation)

      Using your own unwanted fat as an aesthetic filler, fat transfer and harvesting allows you to achieve natural looking results for your face, body, and breasts through a safe procedure with long lasting results.


      • Improve breast shape
      • Increase facial volume and smooth wrinkles
      • Enhance body areas like hips or buttocks
      • Natural looking
      • Long lasting results
      • No risk of allergic reaction or rejection because it uses your own natural fat
      • Restore youthful fullness

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